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Biobrade Beetroot Gel Capsules
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Biobrade Beetroot Gel Capsules


Biobrade Beetroot Gel Capsules are Packed with Essential Nutrients and Improve Athletic Performance. Beetroot also help with improved circulation, lower blood pressure and have lots of nutrients in fewer calories. Beetroot is well known for being rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals. They are low in calories and also high in valuable vitamins and minerals. They contain a bit of almost all the vitamins and minerals that you need

In The Pack

The Biobrade Beetroot Gel Capsules value pack comes as a 90 day supply. (90 Capsules). That should keep you going for 3 months!

Letterbox friendly Packaging

Biobrade high quality health supplements are normally delivered in letterbox friendly sealed packaging, so you don't have to wait for the postman to come!


  • Improved Circulation
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lots of Nutrients in Fewer Calories
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • May Help Fight Inflammation
  • May Improve Digestive Health
  • May Help Support Brain Health
  • May Help You Lose Weight

What it does

Beetroot supplementation provides many nutrients and minerals, and contains nitric oxide, which has been associated with improved circulation and lower blood pressure.

The nitric oxide content of beets has been associated with many beetroot health benefits. These include improved performance in sports, improved cardiovascular function and reduction in blood pressure.

Beetroot also contains a variety of beneficial bioactive compounds, including phenolic compounds, carotenoids, flavonoids and betalains, which are antioxidant. Beetroot supplements also contain about half as much sugar in a powdered beetroot supplement compared to beetroot juice.

Recommended Use

Store in a cool dry place out of sight and reach of children.

Suitable for vegetarians:


Suitable for Vegans:



Store in a cool dry place out of reach of children.

Do not exceed the stated dose.

Discuss it with your health provider first if you are already taking blood pressure tablets and considering taking beetroot supplements.


Beetroot contain many vitamins and minerals that you can be deficient in.

Allergen Warnings

Allergy to beetroot is very rare. Consuming beetroot regularly can affect the colour of your urine (beeturia) and faeces due to the natural pigments in beets. This is normal and harmless.


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Food Supplements

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